imagining the Future

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Let’s change
the way
we eat

According to a study an additional 4 billion people in the world could be fed if land currently used to grow crops for livestock were given over to crops for human consumption.

To quote George Steinmetz @feedtheplanet from an article for @natgeo 'It would be far easier to feed nine billion people by 2050 if more of the crops we grew ended up in human stomachs.

Today only 55 percent of the world’s crop calories feed people directly; the rest are fed to livestock (about 36 percent) or turned into biofuels and industrial products (roughly 9 percent). Though many of us consume meat, dairy, and eggs from animals raised on feedlots, only a fraction of the calories in feed given to livestock make their way into the meat and milk that we consume.

For every 100 calories of grain we feed animals, we get only about 40 new calories of milk, 22 calories of eggs, 12 of chicken, 10 of pork, or 3 of beef.' Additionally changing to be more plant based will dramatically lower the environmental footprint of our diets and help to fight climate change. What's not to love! <3